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How can I withdraw my PPP application?

If you need to withdraw your PPP loan application for any reason, you can do so through your Biz2Credit account or by contacting our customer service team. Please note that the process is different depending on whether your PPP application has already been accepted by the SBA or not.

If your application has not yet been accepted by the SBA, you can withdraw your application by logging into your Biz2Credit account and navigating to the 'Applications' tab at the top of the page. From here, you can locate the application you wish to withdraw and click on the menu icon to reveal the 'Withdraw' option. Select this, and proceed through the prompts to complete the withdrawal.

If your application was already accepted by the SBA, the withdrawal process requires intervention by a Biz2Credit funding specialist. Please reach out to our support team at support@biz2credit.com with the subject line "Withdraw Request" and the Case ID of the application in question to withdraw your application. Please note, once you receive a withdrawal confirmation it will take at least 96 hours or more before your application reflects as withdrawn in the SBA's systems. This is not within Biz2Credit's control.

If you are working with a CPA Firm, your CPA may be able to withdraw the application on your behalf from within the CPA Business Funding Porta by clicking on the menu next to the client's name in their account dashboard. If the withdraw option does not appear, CPAs can email cpasupport@biz2credit.com with the subject line "Withdraw Request" and the business name or Case ID included.