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What should I do if I suspect fraud is occurring?

Biz2Credit and our funding subsidiary fully support the SBA's efforts to reduce waste and abuse of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Biz2Credit is cooperating with the SBA to combat fraud and improper activity during the Paycheck Protection Program, in accordance with all the requirements assigned to SBA-approved lenders.

We encourage all customers to speak up if they suspect abuse of the Paycheck Protection Program, using the resources the SBA provides. You can visit SBA.gov to report your concerns at any time or by contacting the SBA Inspector General via private phone hotline at 800-767-0385.

An important note for business owners relates to the preparation and submission of true and accurate documentation in support of their loan applications. You must ensure you provide only documentation that you believe to be complete, true and accurate in support of your business's application for the PPP. Inaccurate documentation slows down the process as we conduct additional verification review on all such cases, in accordance with SBA rules and regulations. Please review all documentation prior to submission to ensure that the materials you provide are complete, true and accurate and reflect the attestations and declarations you have completed on your official SBA Application Form (SBA Form 2483).